A Lifelong Strategy For You

                  Listening, Caring and Developing

Early in life, we learn to plant seeds for tomorrow - to do the right things in anticipation of reaching our goals.

Bev Lindsey wants to know what your goals are, and how she might help you prepare to reach them.

Working for your goals
You may want to leave your business or career, start something new, or contribute and leave a legacy to your family and community. You may want to keep working on your terms.

Bev can provide the unique investment and insurance design you will need to pursue your objectives. Since 1985, she has helped people make moves to simplify and strengthen their financial futures.

Responding to your needs
What is your top priority? Is there something urgent in your life that needs to be addressed with a financial answer?

If it is important to you, it is important to Bev. She listens and prepares recommendations directly for you. Since she is independent, she has no pressure to "sell" an investment. Her main product is guidance.

Assisting small businesses
When employees make a retirement transition and move out of the company, they may need a rollover of their 401(k) assets and a sense of what to expect from retirement. Bev guides them through the process of actually retiring and shows them how to plan to strengthen their income and financial stability. Owners and human resource officers refer employees to her because they know it will be a positive experience.

You can talk with Bev today. Simply call her office or e-mail her. Find a local insurance and investment professional who can connect you to a world of great resources and make you feel like you are right at home.